Entertainment Gist: AM BOLDLY calling CHIOMA PRINCE (FRESH TV) a THIEF, A SCAMMER and A LIER – Dahzar praise Ceo No wack Music.

I know most of you all have been waiting patiently for this story , and AM here for you all , we are down to unveil the TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH, the owner of this so called “fresh TV” is a SCAM and am not just saying this to impress you all, my spies went and made all the STALKING AND INVESTIGATION To get all of this you are about read..…. so RIDE WITH ME!!!
“FRESH TV” Owner whose REAL name is “CHIOMA PRINCE” THIS GUY IS A SCAM, I got lot of stories to back my claims on him being a SCAM, yes he is the owner of fresh TV here in KADUNA, this fake ass nigga claimed to be the owner of ORANGE TV worldwide, HOW??? WHEN IS OBVIOUS he knows nothing about entertainment, he started FRESH TV 2018 and his still operating but the truth is a lot of great minds had left him because he lacks ideas and had lied to a lot of people working with him, you could go through his wall on FACEBOOK personal handle and you will find out that his an authentic fraudster…..

This same SCAMMER has a magazine, and on the front page of that magazine is a picture with GOV. ROCHAS OKOROCHA of imo state that was PHOTOSHOP I got the COPY, this nigga lied that GOV. ROCHAS OKOROCHA is his best friend WHILE “genevieve Nneji” is his sister and also an ambassador of “FRESH TV” SO genevieve is your sister and you cant pay YOUR WORKERS, PAY your workers and stop complaining about them spoiling your equipments …… SCAM, YOU ARE A SCAM!!
You MIGHT SEE him with LOT BIG cameras at an event claiming to be recording ALL na packaging, all those cameras are not working NA SCAM if that camera is working then he borrowed it because I know he doesn’t have a big camera that is working , the only camera working is his SMALL CANON CAMERA am damn serious, the truth is there are a lot of event he has covered and the owners are still asking for their work but there is nothing to show forth, all what this nigga know is to collect money and do some stupid things I wouldn’t want to share LOL…..
OGAH pay your staffs, NO, you no want use your head abi….. u dey carry your money do mumu WAKA , get small sense now….
WHO remember ELIJAH ATTAH??? YES you know him right!!!
Yes he bought a car for ELIJAH ATTAH and ELIJAH was the MANAGER for 3months, and he had nothing to brag about, yes we all gon call it waste less effort right?? FRESH TV has scammed a lot of KADUNA INDIGENES, this my city and since is my city I should address this MUMU once and for all, THIS fake nigga attracted lot of modeling and dance companies in kaduna, and he EMMMMMMM almost all the girls, lol HIM chop them for free HHEEHEHEHEEHEHEHEHEH
HE LATER collected ELIJAH ATTAH’S CAR and sold it, eyyahhhh SORRY ELIJAH na TREKKING get YOU now…… FRESH TV has no station Even TALK LESS of having a frequency, FRESH TV employment is a big scam AFTER el rufai in kaduna this nigga is d next scam after RUFAI, they will tell you to buy FORM for 5k, depending on your personality and packaging they could charge you more than that, THE MUMU GIRLS WEY SPREAD LIKE GOSPEL , aunties hope you are all in LAGOS with GENEIVIEVE idoits, make I burst una head, FRESH TV OWNER was locked up in cell for 2days AT barnawa police station and it was the same Elijah attah that went and bailed him out, I know ELIJAH ATTAH will be surprised about how I got this INFO , even OUR uncle LOUDSPEEKA was scammed too heheheeheh, he paid for some equipments and was not giving the exact stuffs he paid for…… AM BOLDLY calling CHIOMA PRINCE a THIEF, A SCAMMER and A LIER!!! THE TRUTH Is i prefer working with BIGGY KHALI’s “ameboloaded TV” THAN to work with this SCAM wey no sabi SCAM…….
I got lots of PICTURES to BACK this words am telling ya all, but I choose to drop just this one picture for your eyes only , SO don’t be surprise about the PICTURES BELOW………
AND finally KADUNA people MAKE UNA DEY USE UNA HEAD ABEG, after this word some MUMUs go register , IS NOT everything that glitters that is GOLD, lets use our head oooo……..

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