Entertainment Gist: Kannywood’s Nafisa blasts Buhari over Zamfara killings

Kannywood actress, Nafisa Abdullahi has blasted President Muhammadu Buhari over his silence on the alleged incessant and unabated killings taking place in some villages of Zamfara state.

The actress while quoting President Buhari’s tweet on the alleged killing of a youth Kolade Johnson by the two policemen in Lagos, flayed the president for not finding it worthy to condemn the Zamfara killings by the bandits.
She tweeted, “Talk about the hundreds or thousands being killed in Zamfara and other parts of the North before the killing of Kolade, and if not then address the whole situation in one frame, but no you won’t…I bet you’re too scared to talk about it, but since this happened in the south you have already commented on it.
Nafisa said she swore that the people of Nigeria are what’s wrong with the country itself, “Your own people are dying, in your own country. You won’t tweet about it and you’d rather show sympathy on someone from another part of the world who clearly doesn’t know or even needs you.”
The actress added that she knows that no one deserves to die the way people are dying, “but the point is, do you see them sympathizing with you and your problems? Do they even know you exist?

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